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Girls Shred Session – Superpark Dachstein

Calling all girls: On May 20, you’ll be the center of attention at Superpark Dachstein all day long. The Girls Shred Sessions are back! That means you’ll be conquering the setup together with other like-minded girls, in order to unleash plenty of new moves with a little help of professional coaches.

Girls Shred…What?

You haven’t heard of the Girls Shred Sessions yet? Well, then it’s high time, because each session is going to prove to be an unforgettable day at the park. You’ll be shredding alongside plenty of other highly motivated girls, while experienced snowboard and freeski coaches will offer their helpful advice and support you morally.

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Girls Shred Sessions on the World Wide Web

You’ll find all the collected recaps and videos of the past season via the Girls Shred Sessions website. Besides, you can also create your personal profile on the specifically set up Rider Corner and share your coolest season edits and shred pics.

This Is How You Register

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No worries, you don’t have to be pro to take part. If you’ve mastered your freeski or snowboard basics and are not afraid of a couple of harder landings, you’re definitely ready and set for the Girls Shred Sessions. Just contact Alexandra Denker of QParks via girlsshred@qparks.com for the free registration.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just come along and join the shredding fun! You’ll find all the current information via Facebook, Instagram and www.girlsshredsessions.com.

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